Thou readest this because the English language is interesting to Thee. Thou hast heard these words before but not seen them written. Thine ears have listened and Thy brain accepteth readily these antique words and Thou knowest that even now they form an important part of our language. But Thou knowest not why. For in the long centuries Thou has been addressed as You, Thou hast forgotten the distinction between one and two. For you is many and Thou art one, and when I refer to Thee as You I include Thy company, household and estate but I can no longer speak to Thee alone.

Whilst Thou workest in company I cannot crticise You without implying Thou art to blame. When I have been speaking with Thee and address Thy friends it is no longer clear I am addressing you all. And when Thou sits upon Thy throne it is no longer clear You are alone.



Copyright J. Lowson Feb 2017