“Definitely the best beginner banjo video I’ve seen.” – Bryce Timmons

Begin your journey into the wonderful world of music with these free video lessons.

Get Started playing the banjo

“Joff, just saw your tutorial.  You have inspired me to think that maybe, just maybe, I can learn to pick a 5-string.”  –  Ted McPherson

Don’t know one end of a banjo from the other?  Don’t know how many different types of banjo there are or what kind of music you can play on each type?  Want to know the easiest way for a complete beginner to play?  Click the link to get started playing the banjo.

banjo for complete beginners


Play the melody of a well-known song

“I am enjoying my new banjo a lot, thanks.”  –  Francis Wood

With just four simple left hand fingerings you can play the melody of many well-known songs.  You will be amazed how many different melodies you can get from just a few musical notes.  Click the link to see 50 free videos from Johnny Cash, Beatles, John Denver, children’s nursery rhymes, folk songs and more!

play an easy song on the banjo


Traditional banjo song Cripple Creek

“Thanks Joff I am 78 years old I had a banjo since I was 22 didn’t have no-one to teach me.  I learnt Cripple Creek in two weeks”  –  Charles Low

Impress your friends by playing the old-time classic song ‘Cripple Creek’ with a complete series of three tutorial videos.   These videos have already received a million views on Youtube, and thousands of people have successfully learned to play this great song!  Be one of them!

learn to play cripple creek on five string banjo


Play Duelling Banjos

“Your videos of Duelling Banjos for beginners are clear and easy to follow.”  –  Mark Ross

It’s easier than you think to play the most famous banjo tune of all, Duelling Banjos.  Watch the free video and with a little bit of practice you will be able to play the walk up and down section using only simple Left and Right hand fingering techniques.   Learn to play something on the banjo that everybody will recognise!

learn to play dueling banjos


The Roots of Five-String Banjo

Explore the roots of banjo music with the Old Time Single Thumb pattern as used by Charlie Poole back in the 1920s and 30s.  You can also use this pattern to back yourself or someone else singing, or to play along with other people, once you have learnt to play a few simple chords.

Introduction to old time banjo picking with free lesson in single thumbing


Develop your Musical Ear

Do you think you have no musical ear?  You can develop your musical listening skills with this free interactive Tuning Game.

Learn how to Tune a Banjo by playing this free interactive video game


Develop your playing

“So glad to have become a member.” –  Roy Wakefield

If you enjoy these free banjo instruction videos check out the Member’s Area where you can take your playing to the next level.

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