Cripple Creek High Part

Learn this and you have the whole song!

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One more piece to learn and you have the whole tune!  The high part uses different fingering and rhythm from the rest of the song.  Most of the High Part is at half the speed of what you’ve already learnt, so it should be easy enough.

New Left Hand Positions

Banjo c note left hand positionBanjo e note left hand fingering


It’s important to understand the timing of this section. Most of the playing is at half speed and it’s important to be patient and allow enough time for every note so you are playing at exactly half the speed of the chorus. There are just five notes at full speed, but the fingering is different to anything you’ve learnt already so take care to get it right.


Playing the Whole Song

Every section in Cripple Creek ends with a pinch i.e. playing with the middle finger and thumb at the same time. Once you’ve learnt to play the High Part you need to put it together with the rest of the song. The pinch is the key to doing this.

When you are playing the chorus around, you play a pinch at the end then start again at the beginning of the chorus. The high part is different – when you play the pinch at the end of the line you have already started the high part. The pinch is the first note of the verse. You need to play a different pinch depending on whether you want to play the high part (verse) or go into the chorus. If you are starting the high part the pinch is played with the left hand fingering on the 1st string, 2nd fret.



If you are going into the chorus part, you play the pinch without any left hand fingering – this is called ‘open.’.    Get free TAB

Once you’ve learnt to play all the parts, try playing along with the backing track.

Play along with backing track