Great reasons to learn the banjo

Great reasons to learn the banjo

Published: 3rd December 2018 | Author: Joff Lowson

The banjo is one of the most fun instruments to play. A favourite of musicians for years, this versatile instrument is used across a wide variety of music from the twanging country for which it is most well-known, to even finding its way into modern pop and rock tracks. Are you think of learning how to play banjo? Here are some of the great reasons why you should!

An Instrument That’s Easy to Play

One of the best reasons to learn the banjo is it is one of the most natural string instruments to play. Its standard 5-string set-up is much easier to get to grips with than its 6-stringed brothers like the guitar.  The simplicity of the banjo comes from its tuning. Strumming the open strings will give you a G chord; with the other significant chords like a C or D being not that too difficult to pick up. With all these major chords under your belt, you will be able to pick up new songs in no time.

Wanting to get started? There are plenty of teachers out there to help you with some banjo lessons. If a teacher is not an option because of location or cost, there are many online resources to help you get started. We offer free 5-string banjo courses to help you get started; perfect even if you have never picked up a banjo in your life before!

It Makes You Smarter

Playing an instrument has been proven to help with a whole range of body functions. As a musician, you have to be able to play the instrument competently while looking in front of you instead of at what your hands are doing.

Not only does the act of playing help improve your motor skills, but your memory will also see the benefits. You have to learn which string is which, you have to determine where to press for the chords, you will have to learn songs. It will add up to improved memory for you.

You don’t have to read sheet music to play the banjo, but it’s a very useful skill to learn. Reading sheet music is akin to learning a new language or a new alphabet; tricky to start and then simple when it clicks in place. It doesn’t matter if you are a child or an adult, there will be plenty of long-term advantages.

Furthermore, it will have an impact on your mental wellbeing. Music has an incredibly soothing effect on our minds and bodies; after all, it is often used as a form of therapy. Studies have shown that it decreases symptoms of stress. Looking for natural ways to slow your pulse and heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and release beneficial hormones? Try music. Many people find the act of playing an instrument to be soothing. It could help you find a new form of self-expression and a new lease on life.

Have you also noticed that many famous musicians also have some sort of scientific background? If you are a musician, you are likely to have advantages in logic and reasoning over someone who has never played anything. This ability to analyse will help with mathematics and science. What’s more, the higher levels of music theory are very mathematical in nature. Anyone proficient in both skills will find it a breeze to learn.

Improve Your Skillsets

It’s rare that someone can just pick up an unknown musical instrument and immediately sound amazing. Learning a musical instrument helps to improve your patience. You will face many setbacks while learning and the ability to approach the problem calmly will help in other areas of your life.

If you play a sport or musical instrument, you begin to develop and hone skills like discipline and commitment. A musical instrument requires practice at least once a day for maximum benefit if you want to learn quickly.

Want to build your confidence? Look no further than the humble banjo! Playing an instrument is your ticket to improved self-confidence. At some point, you may have to face playing for somebody else. Even playing for a teacher requires some level of resolve.

After a while, you will have the confidence to play in front of friends and family. After a little more time, you might find yourself wanting to join a band or even start playing some gigs solo.

These skills will then transfer into your everyday life and can help you in professional environments. Hobbies don’t have to be just for fun. A musical instrument like a banjo is the perfect unusual interest for anyone looking for a new skill set.

A New Social Life Awaits

Learning a musical instrument like the banjo offers you plenty of opportunities to meet an entire new group of friends. If you wish to take up the banjo as a social activity, there are plenty of avenues open to you.

As a beginner banjo player, look for group classes instead of one-on-ones. A quick search online for “banjo lessons near me” will hopefully help you track something down. The advantage of group lessons is that you will always have someone else at the same level as you. You can then progress together!

When your skills are a little better, you can join a band or an orchestra. There are plenty of options for anyone looking for a group. They are a fun way to enjoy improving your skills in a fantastic social setting. You should also look for banjo or general music festivals. These will be great places for you to meet fellow enthusiasts and possibly meet new friends.

Are you a history nut? The banjo has a rich history with many different paths and tales. Explore this instrument’s rich cultural history and see what you can find. Again, this may lead to festivals or re-enactments where you can have fun and meet like-minded individuals. Finding a focus in this way can lead you to potentially finding some more new hobbies. There are so many doors that can be opened by picking up an instrument. Who knows where the banjo will take you?

A Sense of Achievement

The most important reason why you should start playing the banjo is for the incredible feeling of achievement you will get. There is nothing quite like picking up something you have never even touched before and turning it into a proficiency. You can hire a tutor, you can get lessons, you can practice with friends, but at the end of the day, it is only your hard work and perseverance which will take you to the top.

Music is an art and one of the purest forms of self-expression. With the right mindset, you will go from not having a clue what to do to soon be playing happily. Do you want to be a master, or do you want to just play your favourite song? Both are options for you.

What are you waiting for? Learn to play banjo today!