How easy is it to play duelling banjos

How easy is it to play duelling banjos

Published: 7th July 2018 | Updated: 5th September 2018 | Author: Joff Lowson

If you’ve been wondering whether duelling banjos is easy or not to play, I’ve got good news for you, because in this simple post I’m going to give you all the facts you need.

‘Duelling Banjos’ is one of the most famous songs that’s played on the banjo, but just because it’s so famous doesn’t mean it’s difficult to play.

The great news is that it’s straightforward for beginners to learn…

With just a few simple chords you can quickly start playing ‘Duelling Banjos’ plus get the skills to perform many other banjo hits.

I’ve made it easier for you to play…

Firstly, I’ve simplified it for you, so head on over to the free ‘Duelling Banjos’ video tutorial here. I’ve broken it down so you can easily start playing this classic today. You’ve even got 5 practice loops to check out.

As you’ll see in my videos, most of the chords can be played with a few simple hand positions. It’s strange that a lot of banjo teachers will try and teach beginners complex chords straight off the bat.

You can use some simple hand positions…

In fact, this song, in particular, is an excellent example of how you can use a few simple hand positions to play something great on the banjo.

You can play it slowly, so it’s perfect for beginners to get confident on the banjo. You don’t have to rush this song, and can easily listen along while you play at a pace which is comfortable and more fun.

So how easy is Duelling Banjos, I’d say, it’s easy if you have the right teacher…

To recap we looked at how I’ve made it easy for you to learn by breaking it down into the most simple parts. We also saw how you can play it using a few simple hand positions. So you don’t need to learn anything fancy, like some of the other banjo teachers, might try and convince you to do. Finally, we saw how you can play it slowly at a pace that’s comfortable and fun. You can read more on why we don’t think it’s hard for beginners to learn this banjo song here.