Joff is currently teaching banjo, guitar, mandolin and songwriting to students in the UK and USA.

He gives lessons one-to-one and is also a group workshop facilitator.

You can visit him in person or meet up via Skype video-telephone.

skypeimageYou can learn to play authentic sounding banjo even if you’ve never played a musical instrument before! Joff has taught many complete beginners to play and with 30 years experience he now has the most important basic techniques down pat.

There is an emphasis on playing by ear right from the start. Repetitive practising, although necessary, is kept to a minimum. The student is encouraged to develop their own musical understanding to be able to play creatively and eventually play in a band with other musicians. To get a better idea of what’s involved, please watch the free instruction videos on the tutorials page. Starting with basic right and left hand techniques & learning how to hold the instrument comfortably you can quickly learn to play a simple tune. With just a few lessons and a bit of practice you will be surprised what you can do!

Maybe you’ve already started to play the banjo but have become disheartened or feel stuck? Don’t worry! Joff has experience of many different playing styles and can help you to move forward towards developing your own style and playing the kind of music you want to play. You will make progress on the very first lesson or you pay nothing!

If you can already play a stringed instrument such as the guitar or the mandolin, lessons can be tailored to your needs concentrating on techniques that are specific to the banjo e.g. right hand ‘roll’ patterns.

Please get in touch to arrange a Skype lesson.