Duelling Banjos is satisfying and enjoyable to play.

“I’m close to playing it with my eyes shut.”
– George Senter (read more)

Joff Lowson’s dueling banjos package gives you each part (7 videos) broken down. Quickly start playing this famous tune.

Everyone recognises dueling banjos. You’ll catch the ears of those around you with this banjo classic.

Buy all 7 videos now for the simple one-time price of $24.99.

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Joff Lowson's Duelling Banjos Package

Broken down into 7 beginner friendly videos

If you want to learn this classic banjo song but feel like a total beginner, Joff will help you get comfortable with this famous tune in no time at all. Many online banjo videos don't break it down enough for beginners to pick up the chords and enjoy playing. In Joff Lowson's Duelling Banjos Package you'll be able to progress fast and enjoy learning at the same time.

People are finding Joff Lowson's Duelling Banjos Package easier to learn...

"I have the Dueling Banjos package and everything Joff said is true. I'm enjoying playing it and I'm close to playing it with my eyes shut."

George Senter

"I purchased dueling banjos from you and am now ready to go again. ...I haven't had this much fun since my first guitar. Many, many years ago!"

Scott Steinetz

"I have purchased dueling banjo’s all lessons. I love the video’s I have only  been playing for a couple of months and can almost play the whole thing."

David Gloster

"Hi Joff, I bought your Duelling Banjos tutorial today and I am well pleased. I tried a few other guys on Youtube and couldn’t get along easy because I never have played a musical instrument. I have only done the first two vids today, I need to go slow, but I am confident now I will be able to produce something that sounds similar to yours eventually! Just thought I would say thanks and money well spent."


Even if you’re a total beginner, this dueling banjos video course will make it enjoyable and easy to learn, straight out the box!

Duelling Banjos Complete Package for Beginners 7 videos total running time 96 minutes plus TAB and Video Downloads – $24.99

Learn to play Duelling Banjos with Joff Lowson

You'll get instant access to all 7 videos plus...

  • The easiest method of learning the banjo, that’s also more fun and enjoyable.
  • Downloadable banjo TAB, so you can print it out and take it anywhere to play in front of your friend & family.
  • Accessible on any device so you’ll be able to learn from the comfort of your home or on the go from your mobile phone.
  • Downloadable videos so you can learn offline even if your internet connection isn’t working.
  • You’ll get Joff’s secret method that’ll prepare you to be able to play any other song better after you follow his instructions.
  • The perfect beginner song to kickstart your banjoist journey and take you through to being able to play well, fast.
  • This song is globally loved so you’ll get noticed by those around you if you decide to play publically.
  • Your friends and family will love it when you impress them with this classic banjo tune.

With all that and more, you'll be playing this classic in no time at all...

There's never been a better time to add this song to your banjo collection. The best thing about playing duelling banjos is that feeling you'll get when everyone recognises the tune.

You can learn to play Duelling Banjos even if you've never played a musical instrument before

When you buy Duelling Banjos you will get access to a special online membership area where you can watch the videos directly on your device or download them to your hard drive if you wish. Want more songs? You can also sign up to the full membership package where you can get Duelling Banjos plus fourteen other songs.

Buy Individual Dueling Banjo Videos

If you're not ready to buy the full package yet, how about trying one video. You can choose any of the 7 parts below. You'll get part 1 for free along with each individual part you buy.

Duelling Banjos G-C-G Chord For Beginners 12:33 – $3.99

Duelling Banjos Opening Lick Lesson for Beginners 15:12 – $3.99

Duelling Banjos Yankee Doodle Lesson 1 12:33 – $3.99

Duelling Banjos part 5 C&D sections with Barre 13:59 – $3.99

Duelling Banjos Play Round the Entire Slow Section 15:53 – $3.99

Duelling Banjos part 7 – fast! 20:17 – $4.99