More Banjo Skills


It’s a lot easier to play banjo along with other people than you think!  In this video I show you how to mix together all the stuff you’ve learnt from the free lessons on this website – the Square Roll, the Old-Time Single Thumb pattern and the simple Strum.

To make it easier, on this page we’re playing only in the key of G, so you can play all the open strings on the banjo and use the basic 1st position Left Hand fingerings as well.   Try playing along with the free audio tracks below.

In the real world there actually are a few great songs that are pretty much one key all the way through, but to play most songs you will need to change chords – I’m going to show you how to do that in the Member’s Area.

Faster – 72 beats per minute


Medium – 60 beats per minute


Slower – 50 beats per minute