Frequently Asked Questions

If you're are feeling confused or need to figure out a membership issue, you're in the right place.

Free Area

It’s still in the free area, click here.

Banjo Academy

Yes, there is no lock-in, you can cancel whenever you like. Just let us know by sending us an email and we’ll cancel your membership.

Yes, all the videos from the downloads package (normal price $24.99) are included in your subscription, plus some extra help.

No, there is no need to read music, you can learn just by watching the closeups and repeating.

There are twelve new songs in the Member’s Area, plus the extra sliding lick for Cripple Creek.  Each song is made into four or five separate teaching videos so you can learn at a comfortable pace, just like my free Cripple Creek videos with additional close-ups and slow-motion replays.

There are over 60 videos currently available to members.

Yes, you get full access to all the teaching materials immediately upon signing up.

Yes, currently working on “Purple Rain” Plus many more…