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If you're interested in playing the banjo you've come to the right place. At JoffLowson.com we believe anyone can get confident on the banjo without needing to learn overly complex techniques or skills.

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"Just wanted to say I purchased your dueling banjos tutorials and as a beginner ( aged 71 ) I found them so easy to follow and gave me the inspiration and determination to play the banjo"

Peter Arrowsmith

"I purchased your videos of Duelling Banjos for beginners it is clear and easy to follow. I have always wanted to learn, your videos have helped me it’s boosted my confidence seeing that I can do this so thank you very much."

Mark Ross

Play Duelling Banjos!

If you’re wondering where to start, why not try one of the most famous banjo songs of all time.

Learn to play Dueling Banjos!  In this set of seven videos, Joff breaks down this great tune into simple sections and teaches it one note at a time.  You can watch part one completely free!  Gain confidence by learning to play one section then go on to learn the whole tune one piece at a time.  In part 6 Joff explains how to put all the pieces together then in part 7 we tackle the fast bit.  Many people have already succeeded in learning to play this fantastic song!

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Have you always wanted to play the banjo?  You’ve come to the right place!  Build the skills you need to play many styles of music including Pop, Rock, Bluegrass and American Old-Time.  Joff breaks everything down into simple, easy steps so you can start playing straight away!  There’s no need to read music or understand any theory, just start playing easy songs and learn as you go!  The five-string banjo is the perfect instrument for a beginner.  If you’ve always wanted to play music but have never had the chance, this is the best way to get started playing the banjo.  There is nearly three hours’ worth of banjo videos you can enjoy completely free!

My vision

What kind of music can you play?
I’ve been playing the banjo professionally for 30 years now and I believe you can play any kind of music you like on the banjo, whether it’s Rock, Pop, Jazz, Bluegrass or Old-Time Americana. I love to play Scruggs style and also Old-Time music. I’ve played Rock, Country and Jazz on the five-string banjo as well as the more Traditional stuff.

Never played music before?
My dream is that anyone can play the banjo if they want to, even if they’ve never played a musical instrument before.  We are starting right at the most authentic roots of the instrument with the 2- and 3-finger picking styles, beginning with Single and Double Thumbing. That will give you a strong foundation in rhythm and picking, from there you can develop your own style and with enough time and practice you can play anything you want!

Have fun!
You can have a lot of fun using simple Left- and Right-hand patterns that you can start playing right away.  You can play an incredible number of songs using just these four Left-hand fingering positions on the fretboard of the five-string banjo tuned to standard G tuning. There is no need to learn anything complicated, you can enjoy playing music with just a few simple tricks. Learn everything you need here!


Left hand fingering positions for the notes e, a, c and e' played in first position on the five string banjo.

There are more than 50 videos you can watch completely free on this website using just these simple left hand fingering positions.

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Easy To Play Famous Banjo Songs

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In the Member’s Area you can take your playing to the next level.  Building on what you have learnt from the free lessons, you can apply the same simple Left- and Right-hand skills to playing more than a dozen new songs.  You will be delighted to see how many different songs you can play with the same basic skills, and there are new skills to be learnt when you are ready!

There are detailed lesson videos covering 15 new songs in the Member’s Area, plus many tips and tricks to get you playing like a boss!

Get free TAB for Cripple Creek, Foggy Mountain Breakdown 2-finger style, Amazing Grace, Wrong End of the Rainbow.

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