Play an Easy Song on the Banjo

Play an easy song on the banjo

If you’re looking for an easy song to play on the banjo, you’re in the right place. On this page, you’ll get my full collection of free, easy song video tutorials. Each one will help you learn to play a well-known song.

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Find your way around this page and get to the songs you like the most.

Believe it or not, but you can learn to play any song on the banjo.

This page gives you some of the easiest tunes. One thing I’ve noticed with all my students is that it’s easier to play songs you know and like.

Learning songs you know makes it more fun and satisfying as well. Because you already are familiar with the melody, you can pick it up much faster.

I thought to myself; “Let’s make it easy. Let’s take out the complicated notes. Give them songs that they know and are easy to play.”

Diagram of the four easy banjo chord shapes

You can play the melody of a lot of well-known songs on the banjo using just a few easy left hand positions. You should find it easy to play along with the original recordings of songs in the key of G, such as Ring of Fire, Brown Eyed Girl, American Pie etc. Some of these songs are in different keys so you will need a capo to play along with the records. For more information about getting started playing the banjo click here.

I filtered through thousands of well-known songs and hummed the tune in my heard. I selected the ones that you can play using four simple positions.

I weeded out the songs that used too many notes. You don’t need to over complicate your playing just yet.

I’ve put this page together for you so you can start playing the most popular banjo songs quickly. Use the navigation below to get started.

The most popular songs that my students love to learn. You’ll find some real classics here along with banjo songs that are very well-known. Impress your family and friends with these golden hits!


A collection of traditional and folk banjo classics that are all very easy to play using the same four Left Hand fretting postions. You’ll be able to bring that traditional banjo sound to your playing with these free videos.

Pop Rock

Enjoy these great pop & rock classics all easily playable on your banjo. Just like everything else, you can play them all using the same chords. It’s amazing what you can play with these chords, click on a classic below to discover how easy it is.

Children's Songs

A whole bunch of children’s songs and nursery rhymes that are super simple to play on the banjo. Get taken back to your childhood with these classic schoolyard songs.


A random collection of miscellaneous songs that are very easy to play on the banjo. You may remember them from adverts or old television shows. These random songs are simple to play using the same four simple banjo chords.

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